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Web Guidelines

Portland NA Website Guidelines

The following is the posting of the Official website guidelines for

Portland Area Narcotics Anonymous

Approved 3/26/05

Our purpose in maintaining a web site for the Portland Area of Narcotics Anonymous is to make information about the Portland Area and about Narcotics Anonymous as a whole available to groups and members of NA, to addicts who might need NA, and to the general public. Our purpose in maintaining email facilities is to make it easy to communicate with us via email.

General Website Guidelines to follow in order:

  1. 12 traditions
  2. 12 concepts
  3. The PASC By-Laws
  4. Portland Area PI By-Laws
  5. PortlandNA Website Guidelines (Listed below):
  6. World Service paper on PI and the World Wide Web

PortlandNA.com Website Guidelines

Responsibility of PI sub-committee to the website Portlandna.com:

  1. Public Information Sub-Committee is responsible for site information approval and to provide approval or reason of non-approval in a timely manner.
  2. PI shall insure no more or no less than 2 persons have domain access information, which shall be named Webhosts (with exception of area chair for emergencies) and be elected by the PI subcommittee for a term of 1 year.  It is suggested each webhost have a working knowledge of computer software related to website implementation.  Should a webhost retire or leave the position unexpectedly, remaining webhost (or area chair or designate if none available) is to change domain access passwords and that of webhost email account and provide info to the new webhost(s) elect.
  3. The PI subcommittee shall acquire or purchase software as needed or required to maintain the site and furnish it to the webhosts as needed.  (at the time of this printing, 3 software titles are used on the site, Microsoft Office Professional 2000, PDF995 and Internet Explorer 6.1. and have been legally purchased and are of ownership to the Webhost Dennis P. who will donate Office 2000 and PDF995 to Portland Area upon retirement and Windows 98SE with IE 6.1 has been acquired or purchased in the name of or for Portland Area Narcotics Anonymous).

Webhosts primary responsibilities are to:

  1. Create and maintain PI approved web pages for Portlandna.com in a timely manner.
  2. Create and maintain at least 1 page (Title Page) and any required child pages for each committee and sub-committee for Portland Area using PI approved information in a timely manner.
  3. Link or navigate ALL site pages to PortlandNA home page on site.
  4. Provide up to 20 PI approved email address to area and subcommittee members; help contacts with technical aspects of these emails, and post these addresses on each committee title page in a conspicuous location.
  5. Maintain domain site security and information for all file and email accounts
  6. Maintain and list software to create and maintain the site.
  7. Webhosts are allowed trust by the PASC to the softwares purchased and acquired by PASC used in creation and maintenance of site and must turn over software to new webhosts upon retirement of duties.
  8. Webhosts are not to distribute any information, which could compromise site security.
  9. Webhosts shall provide email and phone contact information to committee and sub-committee web contact persons.
  10. Webhost shall read and respond/forward email appropriately in a timely manor.
  11. Webhost shall hold committee web contact phone and personal email info provided as confidential.
  12. Webhost shall provide a monthly report to PI including all changes to the website, site status and statistics of usage.

Committee,  Sub-Committee and Service Office responsibilities to site:

  1. It is suggested that Area chair, secretary, service office and subcommittees provide at least 1 contact person with their email and phone info to webhosts (phone info and personal email will be held as confidential by the webhosts).
  2. The contact people will be responsible to read and respond or forward email messages appropriately for that committee or office.  If email causes backlogs on the domain server, the webhost may access and delete messages to clear the backlog.
  3. The contact people may provide committee information which their committee wishes to post on the website to the webhosts for approval in a timely manor (upon receiving or creation of the information), and preferably in an electronic format following the web information guidelines which the webhost can post or format to post with minimal time spent (.doc, .pdf, files etc).
  4. Any meeting schedule change should be forwarded to the webhost and PI schedule person at once with as much information as possible.

Information Guidelines:

  1. The Portland Area Service Committee and its groups must approve any changes to these guidelines.
  2. No quotes are to be published from any NA copywrited materials; all messages must be original and fall within these general guidelines.
  3. Home page must include a link to world services
  4. A meeting schedule must be provided and kept up to date with most current info.
  5. Graphics are to be used sparingly and no company logos (Mapquest, adobe, etc) as this may be taken as advertising in violation of our traditions.
  6. All pages are to navigate or link to the home page (with obvious exception of posted .pdf files).
  7. Outside hotline info and area links will only encompass Pacific Cascade region (Oregon and North California), Washington, World Services, national & world meeting map and be the only outside links with exception of software that is required to access site documents by the public (.pdf files) and map quest to provide free maps to help locate meeting places of which these services must be free to all and available for anyone to use.
  8. No personal phone numbers are to be displayed on the site, only Hotline # & Portland Area Service Office phone numbers are to be listed.
  9. No personal emails are to be displayed on the site.
  10. No full names are to be listed on the site, names only on birthday page and first name, last initial only.
  11. Minimize redundant information such as subcommittee address & meeting info on the site.
  12. Groups may publish their event info on the site, but must follow within the general guidelines.
  13. Information following within the general guidelines shall be deemed approved without a requirement of a vote from the PASC.  Any information outside these guidelines must be submitted to the PI chair for determination if a vote of the PASC is required for approval, and if so then a motion will be presented to the PASC during the next area meeting.
  14. Subcommittee page information is to be classified as Internal or External information, External is to be classified as information targeted to the general public and internal is to be classified as information targeted to the NA members,  groups and Portland Area.  This information to be located in a separate section of the web under Member Info
  15. This page (Information Guidelines) and email account policies page to be posted on the website to assist members in presenting & preparation of event & committee information & flyers to be posted to the site under Member Info.

Email account policies:

  1. Committee email accounts will be anonymous, listed as subcommittee name or chair @portlandna.com (example:  pi-chair).  Positional emails shall be listed by the position title (rcm, schedule, chair, webhost etc)
  2. Temporary emails can be assigned upon availability and request to webhost for events, special or adhoc committees.
  3. Displayed name of the account shall be anonymous (Chair of Portland Area NA)
  4. Personal first name and last initial should be used to sign the message being sent of the person sending the message (example Thanks, Dennis P.).
  5. Position should be included under signing of message (Co-Webhost of Portland NA)
  6. The person responsible for an email account is to follow these email guidelines:
    1. Spam, just delete it
    2. Handling the email to the general contact address is in some respects like answering the helpline. Please see “A Guide to Phoneline Service” for recommendations on handling requests from addicts seeking recovery, partners/friends/children of addicts, people trying to get in touch with a member, and so forth.
    3. When forwarding mail to multiple NA contacts, be thoughtful about sharing personal email addresses of other NA members. We have sometimes seen members send email to all the NA members they know. Then someone else answers the message, perhaps including some more addresses, and shortly individual email addresses (and perhaps full names) are broadcast much further than some people want. One way to avoid this is to use the bcc facility when sending email to several people (bcc stands for “blind carbon copy” – the email addresses on the bcc list will receive the message, but these addresses aren’t visible in the message header).
    4. No profanities or discriminatory language in messages