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H & I

What is H&I?
The Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee (H&I) is a volunteer group from the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Its purpose is to carry the NA message to the residents of Correctional Institutions, Hospitals and Detox Centers. To be most helpful, we must comply with the rules of each institution we serve. H&I has been created in harmony with the Ninth Tradition of NA; further we impose certain standards on ourselves.
Any member of Narcotics Anonymous with 6 months clean time may become a member of H&I.

How does it work?
Since Narcotics Anonymous is a program of attraction rather than promotion, H&I provides services to an institution only after the written request of the institution’s administration, and acceptance by the H&I Subcommittee. Members of H&I cannot speak for Narcotics Anonymous as a whole; rather they speak only for themselves and tell their own stories. Many members feel participation in H&I is the best way to give back what’s been given to them.

If you are interested in joining H&I…
Come to our monthly business meeting the Friday before Area, 4033 SE Woodstock Portland, OR 97202 6:00pm
email us at: info@portlandna.com

H&I By-laws
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