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January 2014

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February 2014


March 2014

Meeting Minutes Activities Report Outreach Report   Treasurers Report  PR Report

April 2014

Meeting Minutes PACNA Report  Outreach Report  Activities Report H&I Report

May 2014

Meeting Minutes  RCM Page 1 RCM Page 2  Treasurers Report  Activities Report

June 2014

Activities Report PASC Minutes  BOD Minutes  PR Report  Outreach Report  Treasurers Report  Group Donations Report

July 2014

Approved June MinutesJuly Meeting Minutes  Activities Report  Treasurers Report  Outreach Report  Group Donations Report  Department Of Justice Pg. 1  Department Of Justice Pg. 2


August 2014

Approved July Minutes Updated By-Laws For Approval Unapproved August Minutes  Public Relations Report  Treasurers Report  Group Donations Report Outreach Report

September 2014

August Approved Minutes September Minutes  PR Report  Outreach Report  Treasurers Report  Activities Report  Group Donations Report  Speaker Exchange Program  Outreach New Projects  Proposal 14-12 September Approved Minutes


October 2014

October Minutes 2015 Budget  Outreach Report  July-August Financials Sep/Oct Financials   Public Relations Report  RCM Report  Draft CBDM PASC Bylaws  BOD MinutesOctober Approved Minutes Amended Treasurers Report


November 2014

November Minutes Treasurers Report  Accepted November Minutes


December 2014

December Minutes Treasurers ReportDecember Approved Minutes  Treasurers Report Jan2nd. Reporting November 2014