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Sunday Meetings


Portland Area
North Portland
7:00 pm Another Gay Meeting: (#4)(LGBT)(CL)(H) 4115 N Mississippi Ave (Q Center)
North East Portland
7:00am Early Riser: (#6)(H) 4200 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.  (Miracles Club)
9:00am Learning to Live: (#19) 4700 NE Glisan St. (Providence Hospital lower level, Room HCC 1,2 & 3)
3:00pm Spiritual Walkers: (#6)(H) 4200 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.  (Miracles Club)
4:00pm Even On The Weekends (#6,#4,#44,#24 – NALS, CF, H) 3650 NE Mallory
5:30pm Women on a Journey,(6, MAX, W, C, CF, NALS, H) 1306 NE 2nd Ave
6:30pm Step On It: (#6)(H)(NALS) 4200 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.  (Miracles Club)
7:00pm Rockwood Men’s Recovery: (#25)(M)(H)  17405 NE Glisan St. (St Aidans Episcopal Church)
10:00pm Here and Now: (1306 NE 2nd ave, Portland (miracles central))
North West Portland
7:00am Rise & Shine: (H) 8 NW 8th Ave. (& Burnside)
12:00pm Multiculture: (H) 225 NW Couch (Estate Hotel Basement)
2:00pm Rompiendo Cadenas (9, 20, MAX, SP, H) 650 NW Irving St,
3:00pm Recovery in the House: (#15, #17) 909 NW 24th Ave. (Alano Club Of Portland) (In the NE Room)
5:30pm Full Sircle: 8 NW 8th Ave. (& Burnside)
7:00pm Off the Hook: (#15, #77, Streetcar)(M-H)
7:30pm Burnside Blues: (#12, #19, #20, MAX)(H) 225 NW Couch (Estate Hotel Basement)
South East Portland
12:00pm Southeast Serenity: (#14) 4704 SE 65th Ave. (& Foster)
12:00pm Weekend Warriors: (#20)(CF) 17200 SE Stark (URS Club – Upstairs)
5:30pm New Journey: (#9, #17, #75)(CL) 4028 SE 34th Ave. (&Gladstone) (Kenilworth Presbyterian Church)
5:30pm Step Brothers Of NA: (#9 #4)(M)(H)(NALS) 5415 SE Powell Blvd (St Marks Lutheran)
7:00pm Family, Friends, Faith Forever: (H)(CF) 14500 SE Powell Blvd. (St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in the Parrish Hall)
7:00pm Harold Street Blues: (CL) 5512 SE 73rd Ave. (Mt. Scott Church)
9:00pm Late Night Recovery: (#82, MAX)(H) 17200 SE Stark (URS Club)
South West Portland
Outside Portland Metropolitan Area
5:00pm Women Of Wisdom: (W, H, CF) 1890 NE Cleveland Ave (Mountainview Church)
7:00pm Recovering My Life: (H) 1605 E. Lincoln Road (Telecare Recovery Center)
Outside Portland Metropolitan Area
The Dalles
12:00pm Blind Faith:(CF) 9th and Court The Dalles (First Christian Church basement)


Meeting Code Definitions:

(*) – Outside Portland Area

ASL – Sign Language Interpreted

(#) – Tri-Met/Max Bus Route #

(NALS) – NA Literature Study Meeting

(C) – Closed Meeting

(H) – Handicap Access

(CF) – Child Friendly

(S) – Speaker Meeting

(CL) – Candlelight Meeting

(M) – Men’s Meeting

(W) – Women’s Meeting

(Y) – Youth Focus

(SP) – Spanish

(LGBT) – Lesbian Gay Bi Transgendered

The Meeting places of NA groups in various locations around the Portland area,
such as clubs or establishments are not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous.